Whitty Gordon

Filmmakers Fiona Whitty and Jenny Gordon (Whitty Gordon) have shown a number of films at different This Is Not A Gateway Festivals.


Their documentary films have focussed on complex urban London and Jamaica. The films investigate the hopes and struggles of individuals and communities in rapidly modernising societies. 


The work of WhittyGordon shines a light on the unseen lives and #stories in hidden & downtown areas through the medium of short #documentary style #films.


Fiona was at first an intern and soon joined the This Is Not A Gateway Working Group Member from 2009 and helped curate films shown This Is Not A Gateway Festivals.

Jenny Gordon and Fiona Whitty. 

Jenny Gordon and Fiona Whitty. 

From the This Is Not A Gateway Festival Programme 

Money Lane 2014

Hallway Galleries

A short film produced by WhittyGordon Projects with Hackney residents about the changes happening in their community due to the redevelopment and rebranding of Morning Lane into a 'Fashion Hub'. Developers, journalists, architects, fashion students and local residents are interviewed. The film offers insight into the fast paced changes Hackney is currently undergoing and how this will affect the local people and their neighbourhood. 


Fiona Whitty a visual artist and her practice is multi-disciplinary, socially interactive and engaging. She is interested in creating sustainable models for future arts practice. Fiona is recipient of the LAUNCH Emerging Artist's award 2006. Her solo exhibition, entitled "Waiting Room" 2007 led to her residency "Art for Socially Responsible Transformation" in Biella, Italy. Selected group exhibitions include Antwerp, Bangkok, Milan, Lagos, Nigeria, Jamaica and in her native Ireland. Fiona holds a BFA from D.I.T. Ireland Fine Art, 2006, and in 2009 she graduated with a distinction from the prestigious MA program at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. 

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Whitty Gordon Projects


Whitty Gordon Projects