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95% of This Is Not A Gateway's archive is deposited in the Bishopsgate Institute and just 5% is online, here.

The worldwide roll out of 'AI' has changed our initial intention to place as much as possible online and in digital format. We detail our concerns with digital content and AI, here. 

We have chosen to deposit our materials in the Bishopsgate Institute for the following reasons:


1. We held the last two This Is Not A Gateway Festivals at the Bishopsgate Institute, both of which wouldn't have been possible without their support. Kind people. We have an ongoing professional relationship and many fond memories of the people and place. 


2. While the Bishopsgate Library and Archive is independent, it isn't vulnerable to closure or changes in fashion. The founders of the institute protected it in perpetuity within their constitution.  


3. The Bishopsgate Institute is well resourced and has excellent systems and equipment. Independent and very professional. 


4. The Bishopsgate Institute's Archive and Library specialises in campaigning organisations, social movements and protest.


5. Lastly and possibly most importantly, Stefan Dickers, the chief librarian and archivist has captured our trust and admiration. He is one of the few remaining true characters in an increasingly bland world, particularly so in institutions. Should he leave while we are still alive, we would likely take the archive to wherever he moves to! 

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