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What if everything we think we know about cities is wrong? What if almost everything we have been taught about modern cities is the opposite? 

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Tremendous efforts have gone into teaching and popularising the idea that contemporary cities are a sign of human progress and confirmation of human evolution. Cities we are taught, are 'good for us'.

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15 largest ships in the world emit as much pollution as the world's 760 million cars


'First Language Attrition' increases in cities.Today, 95% of the worldspeaks just 6%of the world’s languages.  


Three-quarters of humankind’s food today comes from just 12 crops and only five animal species

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The Netherlands are the 2nd largest producer of tomatoes. Companies inject greenhouse gases

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The High Density 'Compact City' is modelled on a tiny 15C Tuscan town 

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1/3 of food produced for humans is wasted/dumped


Over 262m 

people perished in 20th century from Democide 


The US Central Intelligence Agency is the major source of urbanisation data


More buildings will be built in first 30 years of 21st Century than previous 3000 years combined


In last three years China consumed 45% more concrete than US did in the 20th C