Critical Cities is a thought-provoking, head-on confrontation with the Urban Industry. Volume 4 in this series of rigorous engagements with concepts of a 'city' is organised into three sections: 'The Urban Industry: Mass Murder, Theft and Impoverishment', 'The Robbed World & The Making of Modern Cities' and 'How To Empty A City'.

Critical Cities mixes articles, conversations and visual essays foregrounding the voices and perspectives of resistance. Transformative insight is provided into multiple urban contexts including Lima, Lavasa, London, Addis Ababa, Cusco, Seattle, Genoa, Vancouver and Johannesburg. Written with passion and brio by contributors from many disciplines, it's an unequivocal challenge to status quo understandings of cities.

"This collection explicitly and honestly wears its politics on its sleeve, a necessary counterpoint to the political disavowal or equivocation of too many urban actors. The exhilaration in the book lies in the stories told and in their transformative potential."

- Professor Jeremy Till and author of Architecture Depends