Contribute Your Research publishes your critical observations, opinions and research on the causes of urbanisation. 

This can be past, present and future speculations on the causes of urbanisation. We welcome research from the four corners of earth and everywhere in between. We aim to publish all work in Arabic, Chinese, English, Hindi and Spanish. 

All formats are welcome -film, articles, opinion pieces, photography, theses (any level), books, personal blogs and alike. Very much look forward to sharing your new, critical and personal insights so we can all learn more about how and why so many of us are today living in cities. 

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About Us

We are a husband and wife team who have worked together researching the causes of urbanisation through our not-for-profit organisation This Is Not A Gateway and its publishing arm; Myrdle Court Press. UrbanStudies.Info is where we bring all this research and wonderful people together in one place. We are independent and have no affiliations with any institutions though very much welcome opportunities to share our research and respectfully debate anyone. We work from our home where we also home-educate/unschool our children. We are learning to re-live without everyday use of the internet, so please forgive us if there is a slight delay in us getting back to you.